Full Lace Wig (front and back) "Peggie" from

Hey Everyone!   I know I have been lacking y'all and I am sorry.  I have been completely EXHAUSTED and to be honest, I am still.  But I feel like I need to share things with you guys when I can so here is the latest wig that I received.  Her name is Peggie and I got her from  Here are the specs on Peggie.

  • Janet Collection wig (Black pearl series)
  • Length: approximately 20"
  • Style:Loose big waves, semi-wet look, side bangs.
  • Made of premium synthetic hair.
  • Lace on front (from ear to ear) and on back.
  • This wig does not have lace on the crown!
  • Can be parted on any side at the front.
  • Can be put in a high pony tail.
When I first put her on I wasn't sure if I liked it.  Then I played around in it and I got her to look a lot better and I can honestly say that I like it.  I wouldn't be my go to when I am going out with the hubby or the girls, but I can def rock her if I need to go out somewhere and my hair is a mess.  Let me know what you think!

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