Red Marble Nails (done by me)

I am getting SO into my nails! 
So ever since I found the water marble technique, I have been so stoked in doing my own nails more.
No more nail salon for me. 
I have been buying nail polish like crazy (mainly Sally Henson's Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear polishes).
I even had enough courage to do my own fill this week and it turned out GREAT!!! 
So this is the latest design that I have done.

CLICK HERE for the video

This is what I used

All Sally Henson's colored polishes
White On
 Black Out
Red Carpet
Gun Metal
Base and Top Coat polishes by
Finger Paints

purchased Sally Henson polishes at Target
purchased Finger Paints at Sally's Beauty Supply

Thanks for checking this out!