"Chevonne" from JustFab.com

This is my latest, and probably last of 2010, shoe from JustFab.com!

Kendall and Carolyn from JustFab.com

Everyone that knows me knows that I am an addict of shoes.  They replenish the energy in my soul!  LOL.  These are the latest babies to add to the family from JustFab!  Meet Kendall (bronze) and Carolyn (red)!

Leanne and Shenae ♥ JustFab.com

Ok Girls!  Here is this months installment of "What did you get from JustFab?" 

Cecilia from JustFab.com

So I got my October selection from JustFab.com and I am LOVING them.  They are sophisticated enought that I can wear them with a nice business like outfit and a nice peacoat or I can dress them down with some skinnies or leggings.

Pamela from JustFab.com

Hey Everyone! So this is my fifth "installment" from JustFab.com, one of my fav places to get shoes now.  Her name is Pamela and I absolutely ADORE them!  At first I was a little leary of the month's selections because I wasn't really feeling any of the shoes they sent me, but I c…

Pics of my Anniversary Look

I hope that you like!

♥ Chanda

Psychedelic Rainbow Marble Nails

These are my latest masterpieces.   I absolutely LOVE how the y turned out.  Excuse my ashiness, lolol... I didn't put lotion on before I took these pics!   Enjoy!

CLICK HERE for the video!

What I used Sally Hansen's (from Target) *Fuchsia Power *Mellow Yellow *Blue Me Away
Finger Paints (from Sall…

Red Marble Nails (done by me)

I am getting SO into my nails!  So ever since I found the water marble technique, I have been so stoked in doing my own nails more. No more nail salon for me.  I have been buying nail polish like crazy (mainly Sally Henson's Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear polishes). I even had enough courage to do my ow…

My First Water Marble Tut!

I DID IT!...  Well, sorta, lol...
I have always been interested in doing my own nails.  Its something were you can be creative and design it to you liking and it saves you money.   I am not that skilled to where I can actually apply the acrylics yet, but I designed them.  
CLICK HERE for the video